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     Future Exhibition



2019 Summer     Dulston Country Park

Swanage England

Exhibition On Now


2017 Oct 2nd - Nov 14th    The Tabacco Factory








In the Sung at the Tobacco Factory






Past Exhibitions




2016 Sept - October  Dulston Country Park

Swanage England


Mum & Me Durlston


Greta and Zennor






Chat Room




By the light of the moon

See You Soon

Bear Hug

Herbys House






Chat Room




The Teenager




Out With Dad

Duck Dog



    2015 Exhibitions



    Broomhill Art Hotel Gallery



March - November Broomhill Art Hotel

Muddiford, Barnstaple EX31 4EX

        01271 850262

A fantastic place to stay and eat!


31st June - 15th Sept Solo exhibition Gay Prints and         other work

Flirt Café Bar



September - November Pop up Gallery Group Exhibition



2014 Exhibition


9th August - 20th Sept


Three Generations.

Alsops Gallery 

Bridport Arts Centre






Bridport Arts Centre

Bridport Arts Centre




My Mothers Work Greta Berlin Bridport Arts Centre




Wendy Hessy and Claire Ore 


Greta Berlin invidulating

Bridport Art Centre




2012 Aardman Animations Studio

October Group Show



2011 Aardman Animations Studio

October Group Show



Top Paintings

It would be good to hear which of my paintings are your favourites and if there are any you would like to see printed as cards, let me know as this will help me decide which ones to include in my next print run. Thanks!
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Top Letter / Critic

You paint animals to show us humans how stupid we are.

Mrs Hutcnins


We love your work, combining the funny, bizarre and at the same time highlighting the very real issues humankind is dealing with right now. We first saw your work this summer at Broomhill Art Hotel in Devon and the whole family loved it.
Anne and Ivor


Zennor paints what I dream. Her works scream that they've escaped from a child's secret and hugely vivid imagination. Box has bottled up that childhood enthusiasm only to release at a later date. Her paintings combine colour, animals and fantasy - ingredients that can only be successfully combined by the most creative of artists. 

Dewey 'Here comes the Art'



Dear Zennor,

just a note to tell you how much I love your work. You use contrast so effectively; contrast between the figures and the settings, between innocence and threat, beween the noble and the ridiculous, the familiar and the unexpected, to highlight the predicaments, beauty, grace and folly of the human experience. Thanks. Keep at it. Love. W.



Dear Zennor Box
I found your cards whilst i was on holiday next to some (boring) post cards (with seagulls on). I was been chosing cards to mach my new room when we move house in 2 and a half weeks and my pocket money was restricted after spending all my phone credit in a week!
I could'nt decide, all your paintings so brilliant! They gave me hope that artists dont just paint real things like a flower pot or a fluffy dog.
I bought two cards: Love at first sight and calm before the storm. I cant wait to frame them (with hand made foil frames!). I was saying how much you are an infulence to me and how such simple things like a conversation could be painted!
Thank you for reading this,
Lots of love, Daisy 
P.S; i watched spirited away to!! What was the moral of that story? Dont take a short cut. Or move house. Oh dear.


I just wanted to let you know how much your painting "Don't work too hard" makes me smile. I bought the card a while back, and haven't been able to hand it over to anyone else (I have managed to buy and actually give as greeting cards "where the wishes go" and "by the light of the moon" - twice!) so have today put it up on my desk at work where it is in good company along side my "Going to Work" Lowry postcard,
Thank you!


Hi Zennor,
I bought two of your christmas cards today, Duck Dog & The Carol Singers. I went in the shop in York looking for a wedding card but these made me laugh out load, several times. Absolutely brilliant. Came home and checked out your website. I'm even more of a fan now that I know its wrapped in starch based packaging. This is great stuff. Keep it up.  I will spread the word. All the best,
Amanda (York)


Dear Zennor,

I love your paintings and enjoyed reading your story of triumph.  I have been trying to get into the greetings card industry, and you have inspired me to keep trying.  If you have any tips I would love to hear them.
Thank you,
Angela, BA Hons, mother of 2, Essex



Hi Zennor
I love your work, love the gentle humour. 'Don't work too hard' made me laugh out loud. Going to put the card on my desk at work to make me smile.

I love your paintings, especially No Sudden Moves and Michael (although really I love them all)

Dear Zennor,
Just a quick note to say I really like the paintings! I like the "world" and I think it is very original and unlike anything else (which is very hard to achieve!). Sweet and odd, cosy and subversive all at the same time.
Best Wishes, xxx Sara

Wonderful Zennor...and very much appreciated. I love the ethereal
quality of your brings out the child within and takes me to a
time and a place of innocence now long lost.
I hope to hand it down to my son one day and until then time I'll
enjoy telling him stories about Piglings. Warmest wishes, James



Hi Zennor

The cards arrived this morning, thank you for such a good service.

I originally bought the Go Bear card & discovered your website on the back & am very glad I did, love them all!

I’ll spread the word about you so hopefully you’ll get more orders via me.

Best wishes




Concept Paintings


Its fantastic that DreamWorks and Arrdman Animation have granted me permission to display the Wallace & Gromit concept paintings I did for them in 2002/3.