AI Makes Art, And People Go To War?

AI Makes Art, And People Go To War?

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A painting completed in Paris, where art is all around you and you are apart of a conversation between humans that is as old as civilisation.

Throughout our time on this planet people have struggled to make art, to communicate a passionate thought. Forgoing health, food and partners to develop a language in visual or oral stimulus that we all love to hear, watch or see. It has meaning, it's one person relating to another about what’s happening in our lives right now, using references that you who’s is alive with me will recognise. Every brush stroke, every colour decision, every shape, and every idea is pulled out of a creative with tremendous effort. It's someone talking to you.

An Ai machine can make millions of images at a flick of a switch, can write a book in not much more. It's a hollow exercise, it has no meaning no skill and no depth. Why would we want that? Why would we want a machine to write us a story?

And why would we want humans to go to war? Art's the fun bit of life, and fighting isnt.

Original Painting for sale, contact me for more details.