Christmas Bus

Christmas Bus

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Acrylic on paper 29 x 27 cm April 2010     

You'd be forgiven for thinking that all your Christmas decorations are safe in a box under the stairs or up in the Attic, because that's where you put them after Christmas last year - and that's where you'll get them from before Christmas starts next time, but that's not where they are now. Having had to spend two or three or even in some cases four weeks hanging silently form your christmas tree - willing smiles from your all family and friends faces, they are desperate to get out and have a laugh themselves. They do this by spending the rest of the year mucking about in the undergrowth, any undergrowth will do they're not fussy, and The Christmas Bus is their chariot. The driver might not look that intelligent but she can get most decorations back to their original homes on time for Christmas.