Duck Dog

Duck Dog

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Oil on Canvas 36"x26" March 2007     

Each year around the time of the winter solstice, the Marshland Grouse-hound, or 'Duckdog' as it was commonly known, was used to gather mistletoe for the annual barn dance. The Duckdog was said to bring extra luck to a kiss given beneath a piece of mistletoe it had collected, a kiss which almost always led to marriage.

Accompanying this curious creature was the more easily recognisable Daschound, a skilled sniffer dog able to seek out the mistletoe for the extremely short sighted Duckdog. Once located the Duckdog would hover up to the mistletoe where the Daschound, perched on it's shoulders would nibble off the sprigs.

Unfortunately the tradition eventually died out along with the Duckdogs who never managed to find their way back to their homeland swamps.