Herbys House

Herbys House

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I’ve long had a deep fascination with ‘Prefabs’, temporary homes built post war to house the displaced. Sadly, most of these diminutive homes have gone but in 2004 there were still some around and on a photographic sojourn to one of the few remaining estates I tried to snap a very timid little old lady and her dog (who I reckon was called “Herby”). She scurried off, shaking her fist and I was left with just the memory of her and a large amount of guilt for thinking I could take her photo.

When I passed her house only six months later it was boarded up, scheduled for demolition. The old lady was gone, either to a home or to the great prefab estate in the sky.

Original painting for sale. Oil on Canvas 37"x 28" June 2004, contact me for more details