The Hospital Touring Exhibition.

These A1 Giclee Canvas Prints are framed, hung by D rings and have non reflective glass. They look beautiful along the Hospital corridors, no reflextions, just colourful, narative and immersive images.

Butterflies At Dusk    Big Window  


My Big Nurse             Clearing   


"It's My Planet Too" Curlew

    First Covid Shop 

  "It's My Planet Too"                                                                                                                           

    No Sudden Moves

"It's My Planet Too" Bee

    A View of Colmers Hill

They Make It Look So Easy

   Chat Room 


Dont Work Too Hard   BearHug


It's Behind YouMothers Love 


Fossil Fuel        Thekla 


Michael    Roy

Calm Before The Storm

  See You Soon  


  Train Of Thoughts 


                                                           Night Shift